40% of under 18s in Brent live in poverty, that’s 32,000. It’s 55.8% in Tower Hamlets. That’s not okay.

They are faced with realities that deny them a dignified life and fulfilment of their capabilities. We wish to change all of that, as should you. By providing sustainable solutions and empowering individuals to take steps towards a brighter future, we aim to bring hope and dignity to those in need. Join us in our mission to make a difference in Brent and beyond.

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Born In The Naughties

Born In The Naughties was founded in 2023 with the vision to provide food to Children in poverty in Brent. Through engagement we want to break the cycle of poverty, along the way creating a safe space for applicable development, building support networks, and alleviating unnecessary struggles where ever possible.

Each dollar invested in Born In The Naughties is currently being saved in my account and will be used when we know exactly how we’re going to use it.




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Local Involvement

Born In The Naughties engages the local community in its design, delivery and deployment. This collaborative approach enables better understanding of current community needs and aspirations.

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Local Involvement

Born In The Naughties partner with local schools to provide meals and ingredients for students who may not have access to food at home. This involves teaching students how to prepare simple meals at home in a safe schooling environment.

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Local Involvement

Born In The Naughties works with local government officials and advocacy groups to push for policies that support food security initiatives to target and address the root causes of hunger and poverty in the community.


Philanthropic Support

A meal has the power

  • to alleviate stress and financial burdens, allowing more focus on career and education goals
  • to break the cycle of poverty
  • to make a safer society for all

You can help provide food to millions more. We want to grow.